Getting Started

This document provides instructions for downloading CAmkES, OKL4, and the required tools, as well as a step-by-step explanation of installing OKL4 and CAmkES and building an included example system.

Getting Started


The tutorial gives step-by-step instructions for developing and building several simple component-based systems that highlight some of the basic features of CAmkES.



The following are academic papers that we have published about CAmkES.

CAmkES: a component model for secure microkernel-based embedded systems

Ihor Kuz, Yan Liu, Ian Gorton and Gernot Heiser
Journal of Systems and Software Special Edition on Component-Based Software Engineering of Trustworthy Embedded Systems, 80(5), 687–699, (May, 2007)

This paper provides an overview of the CAmkES model and an evaluation of an early CAmkES prototype. It is a good source to get a overall impression of CAmkES and the motivations behind some of the design decisions made.

abstract, full paper

Towards trustworthy computing systems: taking microkernels to the next level

Gernot Heiser, Kevin Elphinstone, Ihor Kuz, Gerwin Klein and Stefan M. Petters
ACM Operating Systems Review, 41(4), 3–11, (July, 2007)

While not specifically about CAmkES, this paper provides a view of the broader ERTOS agenda for research into reliable microkernel-based embedded systems, and the role that CAmkES plays in this.

abstract, full paper

Extending the capabilities of component models for embedded systems

Ihor Kuz and Yan Liu
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on the Quality of Software-Architectures (QoSA), Boston, MA, USA, July, 2007

In this paper we discuss work to provide dynamic extensions to CAmkES. The dynamic extensions add the ability to create, destroy, and connect components at runtime. The implementation of these extensions is current work.

abstract, full paper


A full list of CAmkES-related papers can be found here.


These are links to other sites that can provide further information on topics related to CAmkES.

  • CAmkES project website This site focusses more on the research side of the CAmkES project.
  • ERTOS research website CAmkES was developed in NICTA's ERTOS group. This site provides information about all the other research done in ERTOS.
  • ESE research website CAmkES was jointly developed with NICTA's Empirical Software Engineering researchers. This site provides an overview of the current research they are pursuing.
  • NICTA NICTA has a lot of interesting and groundbreaking research projects going on. Check them out.
  • Open Kernel Labs The home of OKL4.
  • L4HQ - The L4 Headquarters A plethora of information about the various flavours of L4 out there.