The University of New South Wales

PhD Research in ERTOS

We have presently around a dozen PhD students and are looking for 2–4 new PhD students per year. We do not provide a topic list, as PhD topics require more planning and discussion, in order to match the student's interest and background to the supervisor's interests and our strategic directions. However, the ERTOS Research pages should give you a good idea where our interests lie.

ERTOS PhD students need to enrol at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). See there for the admission requirements.

In any case we expect PhD candidates to come with a very strong OS or formal methods background, depending on the area in which they wish to work. For UNSW graduates this means do not bother asking if you haven't impressed us already. Non-UNSW applicants are expected to otherwise demonstrate strong insights into operating systems or formal methods issues. Having done well in an operating systems or formal methods course is not sufficient.

Please check out Kevin Elphinstone's page which explains PhD-student funding.

If you are interested in a research thesis with us, and think you have the right prerequisites, you should contact the ERTOS group leader.